Rumor: Microsoft set to launch low cost Surface 10" devices as early as this week

Over the past few weeks, there have been tons of rumors and leaks about Microsoft's low-cost 10-inch Surface devices. We last reported the devices cleared the FCC, and have also noted that they could be powered by Intel's low-cost Pentium processor. Now in the latest burst of the saga, a Reddit post claims that Microsoft might launch the 10-inch Surface as early as this week.

Found this today. from Surface

There's not much to this latest post, but it provides a picture of a supposed official document. Though we can't confirm the photo as official, the document does claim that Microsoft Stores will be adding "New Microsoft Hardware Display and Type Cover" on Friday, July 13th.

Again, nothing is set in stone because of this but things do seem rather peculiar. Microsoft could just be preparing retail stores and employees with information about the new 10-inch Surface device, as well as a new Type Cover. This could also mean that it might be made available for purchase on this date or just put up on display in stores (like the Xbox One X was in stores ahead of availability.)

The timing of all this is rather interesting, especially with open CL benchmarks leaking, and Microsoft Inspire coming up next week. It still remains unknown if this device will be announced then, but with Microsoft recently canning the Surface Andromeda device for next year, you might not want to hold your breath.

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