Rumor: Microsoft to launch Xbox One on November 8th, one week before the PS4

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Thusfar, we know that Microsoft plans on launching the entertainment console in November, but we do not know an exact date. According to a new report from Kotaku, Microsoft will launch the Xbox One on November 8th, just one week before the launch of Sony's PlayStation 4.

"The source, who works for a marketing company that handles signage and product placement for retail giant Walmart, passed along what they say is an email for a company conference call that lists all the midnight openings the chain has planned," Kotaku states. According to this source, Microsoft will launch the Xbox One on November 8th. Sony is set to launch their Xbox One rival, the PS4, on November 15th, just one week later.

Microsoft has yet to reveal the official launch date for the Xbox One, only citing that it would be seen in November. Could this be a recent decision to launch the Xbox One sooner than later, in an attempt to take away the spotlight from Sony's PS4?

Microsoft wants to make sure that the Xbox One dashboard is fully localized, additional voice and languages are incorporated, and partnerships are built to bring apps and local content for each country before the Xbox One is released worldwide. Thusfar, Microsoft has cut eight markets from initial launch to address these issues.

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