Rumor: Microsoft developing two versions of Surface Pro 4

Kellogg Brengel

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Last week we reported a new rumor that Microsoft will be announcing a couple of new devices this October. Among them are new Windows 10 Mobile devices, the Microsoft Band 2, possibly a new Xbox One, and the Surface Pro 4. However, there have been a great deal of Surface Pro 4 rumors over the past year as this has been one of the longer cycles of waiting for the next generation of Microsoft’s increasingly popular 2-in-1. So it is important to keep mind rumors are just rumors until Microsoft says otherwise, and accordingly take some grains of salt with SP4 rumor news in particular.
But now Digitimes, the Taiwanese electronics hardware news site, is reporting that Microsoft is developing not just one but two next generation Surface  2-in-1s. The only details provided are that one version would have a 12 inch display while the other has a 13 to 14 inch display. The report gives a timeline for production in the second half of the current year, but nothing specific such as a launch or when it would ship. Digitimes’ sources also say that Amazon s planning a 12 inch tablet in an efforts to test the waters for selling a larger portable device.
Last October, Microsoft reassured business customers that current Surface accessories, including the docking station, would work in the “next generation of Surface Pro devices”, so at least one of these new devices should be compatible with Surface Pro 3 accessories.
Digitimes previously reported that the Surface Pro 4 will launched in October. However, Digitimes has had a less than stellar record at predictions. And again there have been a great deal of Surface Pro 4 rumors to date, something to keep in mind as we continue to wait for announcements from Microsoft.
What do you think of the rumor if true, should Microsoft create two sizes for the Surface Pro 4? Let us know in the comments section below.