Rumor: iOS 5 will be a ‘major revamp,’ won’t debut until fall


With the launch of the iPad 2 behind us, Apple is now working on a new operating system, iOS 5. According to sources, iOS 5 is set to be a ‘major revamp’ and it wont debut until fall of this year.

As TUAW reports, two solid sources are indicating that Apple will be holding an unveiling of iOS 5 this fall rather than this summer. There is still a chance a newer build of iOS 4 will surface during the summer.

Apparently, iOS 5 will be a “major revamp of the OS” and will be heavily cloud-based and several new services. There will be a “music locker” service to coincide with the introduction of new generation iPods and a location service that focuses on finding friends and family members.

Apple is planning on discussing many of iOS 5’s cloud based services at this years WWDC, set for June. MAC OSX Lion is set to have integration with these cloud based services.

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is also being worked on by Apple and is slated for a summer release.

Nothing else is known but as always stay tuned as we keep you update on iOS 5 and MAC OSX 10.7