Rumor: Cortana will allow hands-free device unlocking using just your voice


Cortana Halo Character Picture

While we keep hearing Microsoft is working on a “revolutionary” voice-controlled personal assistant for Windows Phone called Cortana based on rumors, and even though Microsoft hinted to us that it will be in the coming future, we still have no actual proof of it being used in action. This new feature is rumored to be available with Windows Phone 8.1.

Microsoft hinted to us previously that they will have “a family of devices powered by a service-enabled shell that will broker information among our services to bring them together on our devices in ways that will enable richer and deeper app experiences.” New rumors have recently reached the surface of other blogging sites, citing that Cortana will allow the user to unlock their device with its voice-unlock feature.

From these rumors, it looks like Cortana’s voice-unlock will always be on, just like the Moto X’s Google Now. This means that the user will be able to use this feature everywhere and anytime without unlocking their device. But one interesting thing about this feature, is how it will have minimal power consumption.

Even though Motorola has packed the Moto X with its dedicated X8 chipset to use minimum power consumption, it looks like Microsoft will be implementing this same technology. Not only does Motorola’s chipset support this feature, but also Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800, so we just might be looking at a new Windows Phone with the Snapdragon 800 chip. Who knows, we’ll just have to wait.

What’s also interesting about this technology is that it requires proof that the actual owner of the device is the one unlocking it. We’ve “seen” how fingerprint-unlocking can easily be hacked. Cortana’s voice-unlock feature will manage to actually analyze the user’s vocal cords in a split second. But one holdback is how older phones will be able to handle this technology. If a device’s processors aren’t suited for this feature, then it might turn out that the user will need specific devices to get this up and running. But fear not, as more devices are coming out in the near future with more powerful specifications and better technology.

Cortana as a whole will indeed be revolutionary. It is reported that Cortana will be in the final testing phase in terms of development by Christmas which will allow developers to make it compatible with their apps. If you’re wondering when it will be available for consumers, we’re guessing it will be one of the most important updates to Windows Phone.

With these rumors, it does look like Microsoft is committed into entering the phone market in full force to take on its competitors. Let’s just hope that Microsoft keeps working harder to get even better services and products out into the market. Please keep in mind that the news here is based on rumors, so please take this information with a grain of salt.