Rumor: Cortana to make its way to Xbox One, Windows 8.1 or 9; will launch in India in the coming months

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Cortana is one of the most interesting feature of Windows Phone 8.1. However, it's limited to US for now, with a word that it will make its way to the UK and China in the coming months -- if you're running the developer preview, you can tweak the region settings to use it now.

Rumors suggest UK is next in the list, and it may land sooner than we expect -- possibly by the end of this month. However, what about other major markets like India? Well, according to a new rumor, Microsoft is working on it, and it will be available very soon.

Now, you must be wondering about the source of information? Well, it comesĀ from Talderon, a WPCentral forum member who claims to be a Microsoft employee -- although there's no way to prove his authenticity, but the information he shared is interesting. When asked if it will make its way to India, he said, "India is still being worked on, but it will be sooner than later. No guess on a date yet." Let's entertain what he has to say.

As far as its availability on other platforms is concerned, Talderon said it will make its way to Xbox One and Windows, but there's no word about the availability. He claims Cortana will be available for Windows 8.1 or higher, which coincides with recent rumors of Cortana being a part of Windows 9. He also claims he's testing Cortana on his Xbox One while playing Halo.

Lastly, he also provided a list of changes for Cortana, which are also reported by other users as well, including enhanced sports and news cards, interest improvements, improved flight tracking, Jen Taylor voice smoothing making it less robotic, and lots of bug fixes.

Let's just take this as a rumor, and wait for Microsoft's official statement about it. However, the information he shared looks interesting and reasonable. There's a big thread on WPCentral forums talking about this, so you may want to give it a read.

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