Rudy Huyn's new '6app' launches today, and no one has guessed what it is yet

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Rudy Huyn's new '6app' launches today, no one has guessed what it is yet

Windows Phone celebrity developer Rudy Huyn is about to release his 6th ever “6app” for our favorite platform. So grab your Windows Phones, its likely going to be an app you’ll want to download.

We don’t know much about the app at this point, and Huyn has been very secretive about what it actually is. But he has revealed a few things here and there. We know that he is focusing on popular apps not yet available on Windows Phone, and we now know that the app starts with the letter ‘D’. A few days ago, Huyn also revealed the icon for the new app, which we’ve embedded below.

Huyn also cryptically revealed that with the app, “you will be able to Discover a lot of things on your Windows Phone”. My only guess is Delvv, an app for iOS and Android “that finds the information important to you and makes smart, personalized suggestions for how to make your life more interesting, productive and fun.”

Let us know what your thoughts on what the app may be in the comments below, and stay tuned. The app should be available today, and we’ll update you with the all the information once it’s live.

UPDATE: It’s not Delvv.

UPDATE 2: The app is out. It’s a Snapchat Discover client. Well done to those that guessed it correctly!

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