Roughly 50% of Windows Phone devices in use won't get Windows 10 Mobile -
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Roughly 50% of Windows Phone devices in use won't get Windows 10 Mobile

While the recent launch of Windows 10 Mobile was no small event, it seems like it's a little bit disappointing to a large portion of Windows Phone users. The release of the new mobile operating system happened to leave a relatively huge portion of Windows Phones completely out of the loop. Whether it be because the phone in question didn't have the specs to support Windows 10 Mobile, or even because upgrading it seemed like too much trouble, about 50% of Windows Phone devices aren't going to be getting the update.

If your phone was one of the many that was left in the dust in the wake of this last update, it seems like you might be completely out of luck. We learned just a few days ago that, as of right now, there are no plans to support a second wave of devices. While the phrasing of "no plans" might inspire a bit of hope for the future, it may not be smart to count on Microsoft changing their minds anytime soon.

If you don't know whether or not your phone is one of the few that are being supported by the Windows 10 Mobile launch, you can check this list to see for sure. If your device isn't supported and you would really like to move up to Windows 10 Mobile, it's very possible that your only hope is going to be to pick up a brand new device.

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