Rudy Huyn's 6tin app, formerly known as 6tindr, pulled again but expected to return soon

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Rody Huyn's 6tin app, formerly known as 6tindr, pulled again but expected to return soon

Rudy Huyn is known in the Windows Phone community as the developer who brought us an unofficial Instagram and Vine app before the official apps were made available. In most cases, the unofficial apps are better maintained and feature-full compared to the official ones.

Rudy also brought the unofficial Tinder app '6tindr' to the community. Tinder is a popular online dating service. Unfortunately, Tinder did not appreciate the app and had it taken down.  Rudy was in talks with the company to develop an official app but the talks broke down and Rudy ended up releasing the app as '6tin.'

Unfortunately, Rudy has taken it to Twitter to reveal that the app was pulled again after Tinder emailed him. "Can't download 6tin? Just received a email once again, this time cause I use a specific word in description, I expect to come back soon," he stated on Twitter. Currently, if you try to download 6tin from the Windows Phone Store, you will see "This app is no longer published."

It is unfortunate that this particular Windows Phone developer is having such a hard time with an app for a service that is loved by many. Tinder has an official app for Android and iOS, but nothing yet for Windows Phone. It sounds like Tinder may release an official Tinder app for Windows Phone eventually but who knows how long that will take and how good the app will be in comparison to 6tin.

Update: the app has returned to the Windows Phone Store. You can snag it here.

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