Rockstar Games introduces Motorcycle Clubs in GTA Online

Kit McDonald

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Rockstar Games made their latest announcement for GTA Online and fans seem excited to hit the road. Bikers and more are ‘coming soon’ said the blog post released yesterday. IGN feels that it’s not surprising given the support from over 70 motorbike crews that roused a petition of over 3500 signatures.

The amount of players that will roll as bikers in GTA Online is a likely minority compared to militia, mercenaries, and mafia. That doesn’t seem to stop Rockstar from making the demographic feel included all the same with their new Motorcycle Clubs.

Players will be able to form and lead their own MCs with a maximum of eight members. Rockstar seems to feel that the addition to GTA Online will be a very social and exciting addition for players. As their post says, “Bikers will introduce new roles to play from fresh Prospects to club Presidents with a massive slate of new competitive and co-op gameplay, along with a range of new motorcycles, properties that include MC Clubhouses with a special custom Biker mechanic, and venues for seedy business ventures.”

To add to the fun of building MCs, players will be able to “climb the ranks within a gang”. They can also take on the world of GTA Online with a slew of new motorcycle models, weapons, styles, tattoos, and more.

The addition to the game is intended to change the pace of the overall experience. New events will crop up for players alongside the already established missions.

Unfortunately, the announcement is a bit shortchanged. With just a few minor details about the new feature and additional customizing content, Rockstar Games even failed to produce an estimated release date. The only reference to a time frame mentions that GTA Online bonuses will be continuing throughout the fall “as well”. Fans are begging for a trailer at least to tide them over, so hopefully we’ll be seeing more to come about the motocycle clubs soon.