Rockstar announces Grand Theft Auto 5, no details yet

Zac Bowden

Rockstar have been in the dark for quite sometime now, their last big game release was L.A. Noir. The company have kept dead quite about their next blockbuster game, Grand Theft Auto 5. Today, have updated their homepage to a teaser logo of Grand Theft Auto 5.


Completely out of nowhere, Rockstar games have announced their next game, Grand Theft Auto 5. Their homepage takes you to a logo of what says Grand Theft Auto V (five.) You can check their homepage out at

GTA V has been rumoured to be in the works for a very long time now, but Rockstar have kep super quiet about it. No major information about the game has leaked to date, which is a good thing for the company.

Rumours have been circling on what city the game will be placed in, some think the fictional ciry “Vice City” will be used again for GTA V. Others speculate San Andreas, Liberty City and London.

Millions of gamers have been waiting for the announcement of GTA V for many years, a trailer will be released on November 2nd 2011, which should hopefully introduce us to a brand new setting, engine and storyline.