Rock Band 4 now on the Xbox One

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A couple of months back, we touched on the return of Rock Band to this generation of console gaming. It had been a couple of years since the game developers behind the Rock Band franchise had any news on a sequel or leap into this current generation of console gaming. March of this year, Harmonix production manager Daniel Sussman finally opened up about Rock Band 4 coming to both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Sussman discussed that the game was indeed scheduled for this year and would have new features for fans to look forward to.

One of which is improving some of the in-road social dynamics of playing music with other people. Rock Band is perceived as this great party game, but when you watch people play, in a lot of cases it's four people playing a single-player game next to someone else who's playing a single-player game. The opportunities for the drummer to be aware of what the bass player is doing, and for the singer to have some sort of relationship with the other people in that band.”

Fast forward seven months and Harmonix is announcing Rock Band 4 is available for the Xbox One. As Sussman mentioned a few months back, Rock Band 4 will include access to over 15000 tracks out of the box. Players will also be able to tweak and add personal touches to each of their performances with innovative features and player expression rewards.

However, the kicker may be for Rock Band gamers coming over from the previous console generation is backward-type compatibility. According to Harmonix, Rock Band 4 will have support for most of the songs previously purchased on older Rock Band titles.
Add a visual refresh to the entire package, and Rock Band 4 is shaping up to be another great addition to this generation of console gaming. Interested gamers can wander on down to the Xbox Game Store via the web or their Xbox One console to pick up the latest addition to the Rock Band franchise, Rock Band 4.

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