Rise of the Tomb Raider could be headed for PCs next month with shorter-than-expected Xbox One exclusive

The Microsoft Xbox One timed exclusive for Rise of the Tomb Raider maybe coming to an end a lot sooner than some expected. Back in July of this year, eager gamers were given a timeframe for when the timed exclusive would be made available on other platforms including PC and the PS4. At the time, it was reported that ROTR would be coming to Windows 10 and Steam platforms in early 2016. While that was relatively good news for those waiting to play the game on those platforms, early 2016 can be a rather nebulous timeframe indicating any time from January 1st to slightly beyond May as a potential release date.

Well, it looks like the wait for ROTR, at least on PC, could be coming to an end in a few weeks. IGN News spotted box art of the game and a listing on Amazon France for a PC release of Rise of the Tomb Raider slated for January 29, 2016.

While the timeframe for its PC release had been planned for early 2016, it is curious that it a mere three months later, it is being released on PC while PS4 fans will have to wait almost a full year. Perhaps, criticism of sales numbers or Microsoft’s recent initiative to re-establish its PC gaming community are involved in the decision to release the game in January. Whatever the reason, PC gamers could be playing ROTR sooner than they expected.

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