Ringtone Maker Beta app for Windows 10 now available for download

Laurent Giret

We told you just a few days ago that a universal Ringtone Maker app was coming for your Windows 10 devices. Well, the app just hit the store and we recommend you to grab it from our link below, as it seems the Windows Store won’t find it yet if you try to search it.

The app is labeled as a beta, and it’s a pretty simple app that lets you make ringtones from songs in your music collection. The app worked as expected in our brief testing, but it can be a bit slow sometimes. That may be improved with future updates, hopefully.

As it’s universal, you would think it would install on Windows 10 PCs, but be warned that a desktop PC  “… needs hardware your device doesn’t have.” You’ll need to stick to installing this ringtone maker on phones that, well, ring.

Please let us know in the comments if you have a good experience with it!

Ringtone Maker Beta
Ringtone Maker Beta