RIM trying to save BlackBerry platform with ‘its not a toy’ advertisement (video)

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RIM is trying their best to dig their BlackBerry mobile platform out of the gutter with new “we need tools, not toys” advertisements, aimed at shooting down Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone mobile platforms. But will these ads work?

A group called Hand Hammered Films has created an advertisement for RIM that focuses on “its not a toy” for the BlackBerry platform. “We made ‘It’s Not a Toy’ in response to what we see as a major miscalculation on the part of RIM: They went after iPhone and Droid users, and lost badly. They not only didn’t succeed in expanding, they actually started losing what had been a loyal base of business users. Under market pressure, RIM got sucked into positioning BlackBerry as something it’s not—another phone toy.” Take a look at the ad below and leave your feedback in the comments below if you agrees that the BlackBerry platform should not be compared with Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone.

Here’s another advertisement that features two DJ’s who absolutely love the BlackBerry platform (are they the only ones?):

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