Retro-inspired card game ‘Boss Monster’ launches on Windows 8.1

Retro-inspired card game, Boss Monster launches on Windows Store

The retro-inspired games keep on coming with the launch of Boss Monster on the Windows Store. Based on the actual real-world card game of the same name, Boss Monster uses card game mechanics to help the player create a virtual dungeon to trap heroes in.

This digital version claims to be an accurate representation of the physical card game though with an obvious pixel art influence and benefits such as auto-calculations for scores and points. The game also includes all the rare out-of-print cards and will also feature digitally-enhanced cards featuring four rooms, three new Bosses, and a new spell that will take advantage of the digital format by allowing stats and treasure values to change during play though these special cards will be coming in a future update.

Boss monster supports one player local play and online matching for multiplayer matches and is free right now so is at least worth giving a go.

Are you a fan of digital card games? Which ones are you playing right now? Let us know in the comments.

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