Respawn shows off a first look at Titanfall 2’s single player mode

Laurent Giret

Titanfall 2 on Xbox One

Titanfall 2, the sequel to Respawn Entertainment’s popular shooter Titanfall, is expected to be one of the most exciting AAA games to be released this fall. For one thing, the game will no longer be an Xbox and Windows exclusive as it will be available on Playstation 4 as well. Titanfall 2 will also be the first Titanfall game to feature a solo campaign.

The game studio has published a quick teaser of the single player gameplay and you can watch it below:

Titanfall 2 producer Drew McCoy also gave an interview to Polygon to share some details about the journey that led Respawn Entertainment to build an eight-hour single-player campaign in Titanfall 2 over the last two years:

After we shipped Titanfall, we had a lot of really good response from our players. We had to figure out how we wanted to transition that to a single-player game. That was loud and clear from everyone that liked the universe and liked the gameplay but they wanted a story. They wanted to know more about this universe and the characters within it.

McCoy also showed Polygon a hands-off gameplay demo of the game’s solo campaign, and according to the report, the gameplay features some surprising and refreshing elements such as moments of exploration and infiltration along with platform and puzzle challenges. During the campaign, the player will fill the shoes of Jack Cooper, a soldier in the Frontier Militia who dreams to become a Pilot.

Early on, players have the opportunity to control a mech-style Titan, but Respawn Entertainment chose to make the Titan more like a partner than just a simple battle exosekleton: players will be able to interact with it and the conversations will often help choose the best approach to overcome obstacles along the way.

For fans of pure multiplayer shooting action, Titanfall 2 will also deliver a better multiplayer experience with an overhauled matchmaking. The game will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and  Windows PCs on October 28. Sound off in the comments if you can’t wait to play it.