Researching the perfect holiday gift has never been easier with Bing

Researching the perfect holiday gift has never been easier with Bing

The holiday season is almost upon us, so people will expect you to buy them gifts, thoughtful ones preferably that have good real-life applications. You may find what you’re looking for in one of the holiday email newsletters soon to bombard your inbox, but if you mistrust those – and you’re not alone in that – then your best option would be to search for gifts yourself.

Considering how popular technology has become as gifts, Bing is the best place to begin searching for them in. The search decision engine is designed not only to aggregate everything it can find on a specific search term and regurgitate it on your display (like the competition), but to present in a way that is actually organized, useful and helps you make informed decisions.

So if you’re planning on buying your old man a Surface Pro 3 for example, searching for the device on Bing will result in a nicely put together overview of the product specifications, links to hands-on videos of the device, reviews from some of the larger tech publications, in addition to detailed specifications and quick links to purchase the product, everything you would need to make an informed decision.

Researching the perfect holiday gift has never been easier with Bing

Microsoft have noted that Bing will do the same for unannounced products by presenting rumored information in a similar way and updating it as more credible information becomes available. Although my attempts to search for the Surface Mini gave me no such results. I smell a cover-up!

Anyways, if Bing is not already your default search engine, give it a shot this holiday season, the way it collects data on what you’re searching for and how it presents it as useful information may surprise you. Give it a try now, here is the search for the Surface Pro 3.

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