Report suggests that Surface RT will only attain 60% of projected sales, customers not that interested

In other Surface RT news, a new report is suggesting that the Surface RT isn’t making as much money as Microsoft thought it would. In fact, according to sources from component suppliers, the Surface RT is expected to have difficulty achieving a good performance during the holiday season and may only see sales of 60% of what was projected.

Basically, the sources claim that the Surface RT (and Asus Windows RT tablets) do not have an advantage in terms of price and performance. On top of that, Windows RT does not support traditional x86 or x64 apps and requires users to download apps from the Windows Store, which has greatly reduced the attraction to customers. These sources believe that notebooks powered by Windows 8 will see better sales compared to a Windows RT tablet. Regardless, of what these sources think, the holiday season is coming up and we will just have to wait and see how well Windows RT-based products will fare.

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