Report suggests Microsoft’s SkyDrive will have a built-in cloud music player

The guys over at LiveSide have discovered some code on the current version of which indicated the presence of a cloud music player feature for the online cloud storage service. The report also indicates that there could be some tie-in with Microsoft’s Xbox Music service as well.

“Today, LiveSide was able to exclusively confirm that Microsoft will be bringing a music player feature to We had been digging around some of the codes in the current version, and noticed references related to a SkyDrive music player,” the report states. On top of that, LiveSide was able to obtain a resource image relating to the music player. While this may confirm the existence of a cloud music player feature for SkyDrive, this does not confirm that there will be any sort of integration with Xbox Music. When Microsoft launched Xbox Music this past October, we learned that cloud storage would be coming to the Xbox Music service, but Microsoft made no mention of SkyDrive. Looks like we will have to wait and see. In the mean time, take a look at the two images below that LiveSide obtained:

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