Report suggests Microsoft might release the Surface Pro sooner and reduce its price too


According to a report by Digitimes, Microsoft may consider releasing the Surface Pro in December, sooner than expected thanks to weak sales performance from the Surface RT tablets. On top of that, Microsoft may even reduce the price of the Surface Pro to attract more customers.

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Recently, a report suggested that the Surface RT wasn’t making as much money as Microsoft thought it would. In fact, according to sources from component suppliers, the Surface RT is expected to have difficulty achieving a good performance during the holiday season and may only see sales of 60% of what was projected. Now, a new report suggests that Microsoft originally expected to ship four million Surface RT devices by the end of 2012, but has apparently reduced the orders by half. Sources from the upstream supply chain believe that Windows RT is not performing as well as expected in the market. As a result, Microsoft may release the Surface Pro, which runs Windows 8, sooner than expected and possibly in December. On top of that, it is believed that Microsoft may even reduce the price to attract customers. Microsoft has already created awkward tension between notebook/tablet vendors and this obviously doesn’t bode well for the software giant if the Surface ends up failing.