Report states HTC no longer working on large screen Windows Phones, due to low display resolution

A new report states that HTC will no longer be working on creating large screen Windows Phone devices, due to the screen utilizing lower resolutions compared to competing models. Apparently, Windows Phone doesn’t support resolutions as high as Android does.

According to the report, CEO Peter Chou decided that HTC will not develop large screen Windows Phone devices, since the platform only supports up to 720p resolution, while Android supports 1080p. HTC will have Android phones that measure larger than 5 inches diagonally. HTC was working on a Zenith 4.7 inch flagship Windows Phone device, which would be the company’s largest Windows Phone device. But HTC obviously has hesitation on producing large screen devices if they know that the screen resolution would look horrible. HTC and Microsoft have yet to make an official statement on these claims.

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