Report: Spam Has Decreased 83% In Just One Year

We all know how annoying and dangerous spam emails can be. But there is good news. In a recent analysis, it was determined that spam has decreased nearly 83% since this time last year. But why? Lets dig into this.

In a data analysis by Symantec Intelligence, spam has decreased nearly 83% in just one year. The graph above illustrates how spam emails were rampant back in 2010, compared to today.

But why? With evolving technology, we can thank many different factors for the fight against spam. The demise of a major spam network, “Rustock”, is reported to be responsible for the elimination of 40% of all junk email. In fact, Rustock was sending 44.1 billion spams per day. In March, the botnet ceased its operations and was dismantled due to the partnership of the tech industry and law enforcement.

The end of Spamit also resulted in a large drop in spam. Towards the end of last year, spam dropped from 100 billion to 75 billion spam messages per day. Spamit was notorious for its affiliate marketing services, which paid spammers for promoting spam advertised sites such as “Canadian Pharmacy.”

Bagle, another spam botnet, has decreased their amount of spam it sends from 8.31 billion spam emails per day to 1.60 billion spam emails per day.

Increased investigation towards spammers can be thanked for the decrease in spam. Botnets are slowing down their activity to stay under the radar. However, this does not mean the end of spam is near. In fact, alternate modes of operation are being utalized by spammers. Since spam emails are risky and less profitable these days, botnet owners are doing more distributed denial of service attacks. These attacks are much more profitable than spam emails.

How do you guys fight the war against spam? Post your comments below!

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