Report: Microsoft in preliminary talks to acquire Hulu

Hulu, a subscription-based service offering on-demand streaming of TV shows, videos, and movies, is a hot buy as numerous companies such as Google and Apple are trying to purchase it. Microsoft is apparently already in preliminary talks to potentially acquire Hulu.

Hulu is currently "weighing whether to sell itself" after the company was approached by Yahoo, and subsequently other interested buyers such as Netflix, Amazon, Apple, News Corp, Google, and now Microsoft.

The Seattle PI brings up an interesting point about why Microsoft should acquire Hulu.

"The more I think about a Microsoft deal, the more it makes sense. Sure, there are some cons, but the pros may outweigh them. If Microsoft owned Hulu, it could control TV entertainment across the most popular platforms and devices. Hulu is on Sony’s PlayStation 3 and it is (still) rumored for the Nintendo Wii, the Xbox 360's two competitors. Hulu is on both Apple's iPhone and iPad. Hulu is on Google's Android. I can just imagine Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer foaming at the mouth over this opportunity. With control of Hulu, Microsoft could optimize it for the Xbox 360. Microsoft could bake Hulu into Windows - an even more enticing proposition as it prepares Windows 8 as an iPad competitor. And Hulu could become a central piece of Windows Phone."

Microsoft declined to offer a comment about the story. Should Microsoft acquire Hulu? Post your feedback in the comments section below.

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