Renamed Windows Community Toolkit moves beyond UWP

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Microsoft announced today the renaming of the UWP Community Toolkit to Windows Community Toolkit.  This marks a milestone moment aiming to make things more inclusive for all Windows developers.

The name change will go into effect starting the next major release, which should also enable more developers to take advantage of more toolkit components. The release is scheduled for late May, and Microsoft invites developers to participate and continue to the Windows Community Toolkit by visiting the GitHub repository.

Microsoft has long listened to the needs of Windows developers and added the ability to share toolkit components with other frameworks such as WPF, WinForms, Xamarin, .NET Core.  They’ve also identified components that could be factored out and created new Standard packages so more developers could take advantage of the community work.

We’ll likely hear more about this change in naming at Build 2018, so it’s best to keep tuned for more in the days ahead.

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