Remote Desktop app for Windows Phone 8.1 no longer in preview

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Remote desktop app for windows phone 8. 1 no longer in preview

For those who have been using the Remote Desktop app for Windows Phone for a while, today's news of Remote Desktop coming out of preview may seem like an eventuality. For those who have yet to try the robust app, they can now do so without jumping through preview hoops. Not only is the app coming out of preview and available for all, but version 8.1.8 brings with it a few enterprise features requested in feedback during its preview days.

The first feature is support for connecting to remote systems available from the internet. This is now done in the Remote Desktop Gateway. Remote Desktop Gateway now allows users to connect to resources on their corporate networks - PCs, Remote Desktop Sessions Host Servers, or personal/pooled VMs on a Remote Desktop Virtualization Host server. These options are available all while the Gateway is limiting the exposure of these resources to the public internet and thus improving security levels. Once the Gateway server has been set up, the user can configure the app to use the Gateway to connect to a system behind it.

Remote desktop app for windows phone 8. 1 no longer in preview

The next feature to come with version 8.1.8 is the ability to access Remote Resources published by your admin. Remote Resources are a set of desktops and RemoteApp programs that an admin can no configure and make available to the end users. Once the resources have been published, users can no use the app to subscribe to the published feed from their Windows Phone.

Remote desktop app for windows phone 8. 1 no longer in preview

The Remote desktop app is also available on your other devices running Windows 8.1, iOS, Mac OS X and Android. Check it out today. You can grab it from the download link below.

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