Remedy: Quantum Break will be updated on the Windows Store alongside Steam

Jack Wilkinson

Quantum Break on Xbox One

Yesterday, we reported that the Head of Communications at Remedy, the development studio behind Quantum Break, said on Twitter that the game would be unlikely to receive any further updates on the Windows Store, yet the Steam version would receive updates. It appears that Thomas Puha got it wrong, completely wrong.

In fact, Puha went back to Twitter to state that actually the game will be updated on both the Windows Store and Steam in parity with each other, claiming that it should be “a given,” which is quite different to his former message of it not receiving another patch.

Microsoft has made it easy for game developers to keep games updated across platforms with the Universal Windows Platform, by allowing Win32 programs to be packaged as Windows Store apps. Therefore, Remedy can simply build the game as normal and then repackage it using Microsoft’s tools as a Windows Store app, with minimal changes.

Rumours began spreading that Puha may have made his original comments due to speculated low sales on the Windows Store. However, it is important to remember that Remedy will have been fully aware that sales on the Windows Store will be lower than that of Steam and that it would only be exclusive to the Windows Store for a certain time, as part of Microsoft’s marketing ambitions for the store. We’ve seen similar playoffs with Rise of the Tomb Raider and Dead Rising 3. It is likely it was always planned for a Steam release, regardless of sales numbers in the Windows Store.

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