Remastered L.A. Noire is now available on Xbox One

Remember L.A. Noire? The standout Rockstar title is now available on Xbox One, and it has some enhancements for anyone who's sprung for an Xbox One X. It has HDR and 4K capabilities, making it even prettier than it was when it came out all those years ago. If any of you have as many fond memories about LA Noire as I do, you're going to be tempted to drop the $40 on this new version of the game - complete with all post-launch content.

L.A. Noire is, just like it sounds like, a game that's based firmly in noir mystery thrillers. It has a compelling story, gameplay that's fueled by mystery solving, and a pretty fascinating system that lets you read the (fully mo-capped) faces of NPC's to tell whether or not they're lying to you. The game is flawed for sure, but it's one that you're likely to remember years after playing it.

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