Rejected Xbox One prototypes revealed, 200 prototypes created for the controller

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Xbox One

Did you know that Microsoft went through 200 prototypes for the new Xbox One controller? Images have also surfaced showcasing the rejected prototypes for the new Xbox One console itself, every design ranging from small to large and curved to cubed.

During Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference 2013, Microsoft’s Xbox creative director Carl Ledbetter showcased several rejected Xbox One prototypes. “We wanted to make it simple and elegant, and we wanted it to be crafted and tailored, so it’s all about quality. Using those principles, we started to design,” Ledbetter stated during WPC 2013.

A team of 30 designers were assembled, where they drew sketches of the new Xbox One console. Those sketches were sent to Microsoft’s model shop to build prototypes, which you can see in the image above. Microsoft wanted to test these prototypes in a real world environment, such as a living room. Microsoft then worked with an engineering team to see how internal components would fit into the prototype.

200 prototypes for the Xbox One controller were also created. “We found that, when people put these in their hands, could tell the difference between a 10th of a millimeter in size,” Ledbetter added.

Ledbetter pointed towards the finalized Xbox One device, stating that the software giant began apply gloss and matte finishes after the prototype was finalized. “How does the vent pattern look? How does the brand come through the front? How do we make the font look high quality, just like the high definition televisions in people’s living rooms?” Ledbetter said.

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