Registered Yammer users have increased 55% in one year, future roadmap detailed


Microsoft is currently celebrating the one-year anniversary of the Yammer acquisition and the software giant has revealed a few stats about the service, as well as the future roadmap of the service. In just one year, Registered Yammer users have increased 55%.

“Big acquisitions generally slow things down, but in this case we’ve actually seen the opposite. … over the last year, registered users have increased 55% to almost 8 million, user activity has roughly doubled, and paid networks are up over 200%. All in all, those are pretty impressive stats, and I’m proud of the team and the way the things have gone post-acquisition,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Microsoft is planning over the next year to release new innovative features to make Yammer a “mainstream communication tool.” Over the next six to eight months, Microsoft is planning on adding SharePoint search integration into Yammer, along with Yammer groups in SharePoint sites. Microsoft is also working on improving directed messaging within Yammer and adding the ability to message multiple groups at once.

The software giant is also working on making email and Yammer work together seamlessly as well as improve communication with an external network. Microsoft is also continually focused on improving its Yammer apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 8, and Windows 8.

If you are a Yammer user or plan on using Yammer, we recommend heading over to the source link to read more about whats coming for Yammer.

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