Refer people and save on Worldwide Partner Conference tickets

Laurent Giret

Gwen Stefani headlining WPC 2016 in Toronto

Microsoft’s 2016 Worldwide Partner Conference is set to take place July 10-14 in Toronto, but Microsoft has just announced that people wanting to attend the business event can save up to $1,000 on their $1,995 All Access Pass by referring their friends and colleagues. The promotion will end on May 20, please find the details below:

When you register for WPC 2016 before 11:59 PM Pacific Time on May 20, you can list the name and email of a registered referrer for an instant US$100 off your All Access pass. The person who referred you will also receive a US$100 refund post-event for each referral—valid for up to ten referrals or US$1,000. Share the news with your network today!

Expanding networks and growing partnerships at WPC from MS Partner on Vimeo.

While the conference is primarily targeted at executives, Microsoft says that it’s “the ideal conference for business and channel leaders in SMB, Corporate Accounts and Enterprise markets”. If you plan to attend the conference, you can get more information and get your registration on the dedicated website.