Redmond Police stop man, “wearing nothing but Skechers,” from early morning jog near Microsoft campus

Laurent Giret

Microsoft Campus

Who knew that Microsoft’s campus in Redmond, Washington was a great spot for an early morning jog? Well, the weather is a little cold in the Seattle area right now, but that didn’t stop a unknown jogger to give a late night visit to the campus last week wearing nothing but sneakers… and a streetlight on his nude buttocks.

According to a report from the Seattle Times, the police was suprised to spot ” nude buttocks illuminated by a streetlight,” on the south side of the campus around 3:30 on Friday. After being caught, the nude jogger told the police that he was “trying to build up his immune system to fight the cold weather,” though it’s not clear why he chose the Microsoft campus to try this interesting experiment.

While running in the nude could be considered indecent exposure, the adept of unorthodox jogging routines man was not charged with any crimes. And if you’re wondering if this could be a Microsoft employee, Xbox’s Major Nelson and community manager Josh Stein poked fun at the news on Twitter yesterday:

Exercising is good for you, but you probably don’t need to go that far to strengthen your immune system, right?