Redfall crossplay confirmed in recent developer Q&A

Robert Collins

It has been confirmed that Redfall will feature crossplay between Xbox, PC Game Pass, Steam and Epic Games Store. The announcement was made rather casually in a recent #AskArkane community Q&A event. The official Redfall Twitter account also posted the announcement.

Those who are eagerly anticipating the upcoming open-world co-op shooter (we suspect there might be more than a few of you) will no doubt rejoice in the news. Crossplay is becoming more and more common among first-party Xbox games, with Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 also implementing it.

The Q&A event also divulged just a little more on some of the protagonists unique abilities, as well as character customization, difficulty scaling and how the skill tree will work in Redfall.

One of the most anticipated Xbox games in a year that is shaping up to be positively stacked, Bethesda and Arkane Studios’ latest title is set to release on May 2nd for Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC. The game’s latest trailer was released last month during the IGN Fan Fest event.

Redfall Bite Back Edition
Redfall Bite Back Edition