Redeeming codes on Xbox One takes 6 seconds, seriously!

Redeeming codes on Xbox One takes 6 seconds, seriously!

We’ve all been there. You just purchased a brand new 12 month Xbox LIVE gold membership, you’ve got the card in hand and are preparing to enter that really long code into your Xbox. It can sometimes take minutes, depending on who you are and how fast you can navigate the Xbox 360 on-screen keyboard.

Well, it seems Microsoft is aware of this terrible problem, and has introduced a new way to enter Xbox LIVE codes, or in fact any codes into Xbox One. With Kinect, just say “Xbox, use a code” and hold up your card to the Kinect. Xbox One will see the card and immediately enter the code for you, which takes a maximum 6 seconds.

Don’t believe us? Check out the Vine which Major Nelson just posted, it’s pretty damn awesome:

So, now you no longer need to enter codes into Xbox One, because the Xbox One Kinect Sensor will do it all for you. Things really are becoming automated, aren’t they?!

Xbox One is set to launch on November 22nd for $499. Xbox One is bundled with Kinect too, which means everyone can experience this awesomely fast code redeeming.

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