Redditor reverts to old OneDrive app from Windows 8, gets latest unreleased UWP app

For the last few weeks, rumors have been floating around about a possible May release of the UWP Windows 10 OneDrive app. A very savvy Reddit user, though, has just inadvertently obtained the OneDrive Universal App while side loading the Windows 8 version of the app, as noted by our friends at

Feeling as if it was a major advantage over the current Windows 10 OneDrive client, Reddit user mcdenis originally sideloaded the Windows 8 version app. However, a morning later, and after clicking the live tile to open up the Windows 8 app, the yet to be released new UWP OneDrive app launched for the user instead (as seen below.)

The UWP OneDrive app
The UWP OneDrive app (Image from

Mcdenis seemed shocked and repeated the same steps in a virtual machine to try and repeat the process. In the original Reddit post, the user writes,

To make sure I wasn’t hallucinating or something, I reinstalled the old OneDrive app in another VM and right after that, the store started offering the new unreleased app as an update.

The UWP OneDrive app update (Image from

While this Reddit user's experience of obtaining the UWP OneDrive app is no doubt very interesting, it could still just be a bug in Build 14332. It also, however, could mean that the app might be rolling out soon to insiders.

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