Reddit user ‘Lego-izes’ a Surface Pro 3

Arif Bacchus

There are many options available when it comes to protecting your new Surface device.  Reddit user Splice1138, however, has taken Legos to the next level by attaching a Lego base plate to a Surface Pro 3 in order to ‘Legoize’ the Microsoft device.

The Reddit user posted the creation on February 15th, and the post has since gathered 476 points and over 20 comments. The post links to Imgur where the user explains the process of creating a Lego backplate for the Surface Pro 3.

The user began the process by measuring his Surface using a Lego Classic 10701 gray baseplate.

Step 1

Checking out how it looks for the first time. Color matches pretty good, and even the corner radius almost matches. The Surface is not a whole number of studs tall though (more on that later).

To continue, the Reddit user then places the baseplate up on the Surface, and marks the necessary cuts using Lego bricks.

Step 2

Instead of marking it up with ink, I used some plates to mark where I wanted to cut. I didn’t take any pics of the cutting process, but I just used a straight edge and sword of exact zero, cutting from the back side of the baseplate.

In order to leave room for the Surface Pro 3’s kickstand to pivot, the Reddit user had to take some sandpaper to the edges of the Lego plate.

Step 3


Much better. It actually opens further than this, not as far as stock but I never expected it to. I’d have to take out another whole row of studs to get the really flat angle.

After test fitting, double sided tape is then used to attach the plates to the Microsoft device.  Holes for the camera are left out.

Step 4

Test fit! I used double sided scotch tape to attach the plates, planning to do something more permanent later. So far though, it’s still holding fine, so I’m leaving it for now.

In the end, the Reddit user even attached Lego bricks to external USB devices, so they can be snapped to the back of the ‘Legoized’ device.

The external peripherals

… but what good is a LEGO plate without some things to attach to it?

This is definitely an interesting way to customize the looks of the Surface Pro 3. With the baseplate priced at $14.99 it is also a very affordable and fun option to show off a Lego obsession while still using a Microsoft device.