Reddit Pix and 9Gag apps for Windows Phone receive some update love

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Reddit Pix and 9Gag apps for Windows Phone receive some update love

Two new app updates have appeared in the Windows Phone Store. An update to Reddit Pix and 9Gag fixes a few bugs and improves app performance.

If you are a Reddit lover, you will love this free app for Windows Phone 8. Reddit Pix is a simple app that lets you browse through uploaded media on the popular social news and entertainment website. This is by far one of the best Reddit apps in the Windows Phone Store to date.

Reddit Pix features the ability to add custom subreddits, save images to your library, share posts through email, SMS, or social networks. You can also launch videos in Internet Explorer or Metrotube (a third party YouTube app). Reddit comments can also be launched in IE or Baconit (a third-party Reddit app).

The new update to Reddit Pix bumps the version number to and adds bug fixes, a change log, and an option to always show the Appbar.

9Gag, the popular image-based social media website, now has an updated app in the Windows Phone Store. Created by Rudy Huyn, the man behind 6tag, 6sec, and 6snap, has updated his 9Gag app to feature better management of .GIF images. The version number has also been bumped to

Here are the key features of the 9Gag app:

  • Browse all the images (hot, trending, vote, my likes, my posts, top of the day/week/month/etc).
  • Play video using the inner youtube player
  • Vote for your favorite images
  • Read comments
  • Share image (facebook, twitter, etc...)
  • Pin tiles to the start screen with 3 different themes.
  • Post image to 9gag
  • Save image to the phone
  • Search posts
  • Set bookmark
  • Auto-resume mode to retrieve the last seen image
  • Rotation lock

Hit the download links below to snag the two apps. Let us know if you like them!

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