Red Stripe Roundup: This week, a note taking app worth trying out, a QR scanner, and a way to help your kids learn the alphabet

Red Stripe Deals on Windows Phone

Each week the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store feature various deals for apps and games in the ‘Red Stripe’ collection. Every Friday we break down the deals and highlight a few of the more notable apps. This week features the note taking app Scrble and QR Scanner+ and more.

First off I want to highlight the Windows app Scrble. It’s a note taking app with some very fluid and clever features. I use OneNote on a regular basis and wish it had a few of these. When you write using Scrble, and it works with a plain stylus as demonstrated in the video, you can write on a line and when you reach the end of that line it automatically generates more room for you to write. It can get irritating to have to continue to hit enter to write more text like you do if you’re writing in Microsoft Word.

Another feature is how it makes erasing easier. You can turn on a setting that makes it so when you hit erase it lets you erase on thing and then it automatically returns to writing mode. That means that you don’t have to click back and forth between eraser and writer to fix one mistake.

The video also shows off a nice trick. You can write with your tablet upside down so if your Windows button is on the bottom bezel your palm doesn’t accidentally hit it. You can check out the video and a free trial. If you like it it’s on sale for over 60% at $1.49.

Next up is QR Scanner +. There’s a ton of QR Scanner apps out there but the feature lists on this app is long and impressive. This app is available on Windows and Windows Phone and the features are different depending on your device. It usually costs £1.49 but is on sale for $0.99.

The Windows app gets you a much larger layout due to the screen changes and gives you QR reading through front or rear facing camera, cataloging, viewing and copying RAW content, sending emails, location and address finder, and more.

QR Scanner+

On the phone you get automatic scanning and focus, continuous scanning and autofocus, auto focus when the app starts, a flashlight, saved results, and more. You can also have it scan QR codes from a picture you’ve taken previously.

Last to be highlighted is ‘GS Kids! Preschool Letters’ which helps kids learn the alphabet. Kids learn how to use tablets before walking these days so a simple app that helps them learn to read and write is more useful than Angry Birds. It’s currently on sale for $0.99

Here’s a list of every app that’s on sale for the next week. This week every app has a free trial so you can try before you buy.

Windows Phone

Color Island $0.99


Scrble $1.49


Shark Dash $0.99

GS Kids! Preschool Letters $0.99

QR Scanner+ $0.99

IQ Mission $1.49

Bookviser Reader Premium $3.99

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