Recall your youth with Final Fantasy III 3D for Windows Phone

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Recall your youth with Final Fantasy III 3D for Windows Phone

I’ll spare you the trip down memory lane, where I discuss Atari, the original Nintendo and the rest. Suffice to say, that I still love those old games — I play them in Windows using an emulator. One old favorite was Final Fantasy, and now its landed on the Windows Phone platform. 

The game comes from Square Enix, and it was originally released way back in 1990. It was remade, in a 3D version in 2006, and has since been making the rounds to a growing number of platforms. You can grab a copy for Android or iOS. If you picked up an Ouya console then you can play the game on your big screen. Now, if you have a Windows Phone, then you can take the game on the road with you as well.

You’ll need to dig out your wallet and spend a bit of that dough you hopefully received in a holiday card. The game is a rather steep $15.99, and it’s also a whopping 451 MB download. It was a landmark game back in the dim, dark era when it was released, but it still plays rather well today. So, if you want to relive those good old days, then head to the download link below and let us know what you think.

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