Realarm is now a Universal Windows 10 app, voice commands on the way

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Realarm, an alarm and reminder app for Windows 10, has been updated to a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app. You can now use Realarm across your range of Windows 10 devices, be it PC, mobile, or the Surface Hub.

The app has been in beta for a little while, as the developer wanted testers to report bugs and suggest enhancements to the experience.

In a post on Reddit, the developer, ViktorSze, announced the release of the update, saying that he is "happy to announce that Realarm official has been updated to UWP". Viktor went on to state that the beta version of the app will no longer be updated, and instead will begin using the flight control system that Microsoft provides developers, allowing them to have what is effectively a slow/fast ring, similar to how Microsoft handles Windows 10 builds for Insiders.

It is similar to its previous version but offers a much smoother and bug-free experience for those on Windows 10.

In our testing of the app, we found that on Windows 10 Mobile, it crashes upon launching the app, and there appear to be no workarounds. We also found that the non-beta version of the app is not currently being listed as available for Windows 10 PCs, nor is it showing in the Store on PC - we've reached out to the developer on both issues and will let you know when we find out more.

The next update for the app is planned to have voice command integration, likely using Cortana. This will allow you to set or stop alarms using just your voice - how about screaming at your phone when you're trying to get some sleep?

If you would like to use Realarm on PC right now, you'll need to use the beta version until the new version becomes available:

Realarm beta
Realarm beta
Developer: ‪Viktor Szekeress‬
Price: Code needed

Or, if you're on mobile, here's the official version:

Developer: ‪Viktor Szekeress‬
Price: Free+

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