Real time remote desktop search from Simplexo

The days of being overwhelmed with the process of searching and finding all the information you need while on the move are over. ‘Search Your Desktop’ from Simplexo, will uniquely allow you to access all of this information in a secure, fast and easy to use way.

With ‘Search Your Desktop’ you can uniquely access files remotely, without the need to load your entire desktop, making it faster to find information than ever before and easier to use than remote desktop clients.

Work or play, ‘Search Your Desktop’ allows you to search for – and find -important work related files on your desktop computer from a mobile smartphone or web browser. It also allows you to access media files and create play lists for remote playing and listening to music – even when you are away from your PC!

Search Your Desktop also searches and finds emails both in Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server, documents in Microsoft Sharepoint, records in databases and spreadsheets and with its unique connectors it can even search other applications or cloud and web based services, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

All data is encrypted with 256 AES encryption. Account access is protected by passwords, PIN and end-to-end user verification. So all your information is secure while being accessible.

This easy-to-use application is simple to install and use and delivers rapid productivity gains with a very short learning curve. It is available for Android and Blackberry 6 smartphones and web-based browsers now, with limited availability prior to the end of the year, with go-live on January 10th 2011 when more client platforms will be announced.

Simon Bain, CTO, Simplexo, stated: “When looking at the mechanics of search, most people use one application at a time. Users rapidly become overwhelmed with the process of searching emails, Office documents, and business applications. All have to be searched separately and then once they have done that they then have to remove the irrelevant content and consolidate. Simplexo ‘Search Your Desktop’ stops that process dead in its tracks.”

“Users now have a real search application to enable them to find and access all their information. Furthermore, Simplexo ‘Search Your Desktop’ will not compromise corporate security policies,” he added.

The cost of working with inadequate information and inefficient search capabilities is one of the most pressing threats to any competitive business. Independent research analysts, Butler Group, recently reported that information-based workers spend up to 20 hours a week searching for information.

Any solution that enables coherent information access such as Simplexo ‘Search Your Desktop’, will deliver significant business benefits including improved employee productivity, better-informed business decisions and an easing of the burden of regulatory compliance.

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