Real time co-authoring is now available in Visio for the web

Arif Bacchus

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Microsoft Visio

Collaboration is the core of any business operation, and now another Office 365 service is getting in on that action. Indeed, Microsoft has just announced that real-time co-authoring now available in Visio for the web.

According to Microsoft, real-time co-authoring will be available with Visio Plan 1 or Visio Plan 2 subscriptions. It’s rolling out now, and users with this subscription will now be able to co-create and edit diagrams simultaneously. Users will see edits with a presence indicator and will be able to add or reply to comments in a co-authoring session. Those without a Visio subscription will still be able to view and reply to comments or add a shape/page level comment. Similar to the other Office 365 apps, full permissions are available in Visio for the web documents, and the user will have controls over who can edit.

There are no other special requirements to use the co-authoring feature. Microsoft is planning on making more changes to Visio for the web in the future, and says that ” This is yet another step in the journey of making Visio a more collaborative app that you can use to brew ideas and work seamlessly with others.”