Readit for Windows Phone updated with a handful of bug fixes in tow

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Readit for Windows Phone updated with a handful of bug fixes in tow

Readit is one of the best Reddit clients for Windows Phone, allowing users make the most out of the website. If you happen to be regular user of the Readit app, you be glad to find out the app has received an update with plethora of bug fixes and improvements in tow, including a bug which caused the app to crash.

Here’s the complete change log:

  • Fixed gifv’s sometimes not playing and showing a “converting” text (change to imgur backend processing of gifv’s)
  • Fixed a crashing bug for list formatted links
  • Fixed messages not being marked as read automatically when you have more than 20 unread messages
  • Fixed margin issue with “front page” subreddit when jumplist is disabled
  • Fixed swipe view not loading links as you swipe
  • Fixed a decently common crash reported via dev center to me on a number of low mem devices
  • Increased performance of image context menu to make it faster and easier to use
  • Fixed the jumplist scrolling bug when jumping to the star category
  • Fixed NSFW tag overlapping image tag
  • Fixed NSFW tag overlapping youtube tag
  • Added support for the new slashtags such as u/calebkeith and r/readit
  • Fixed “gifyoutube” links being identified as youtube links

Head over to the Windows Phone Store and grab the updated Readit app.

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