Readit for Windows Phone updated, brings several new features, bug fixes and improvements

Readit for Windows Phone

If you’re a Reddit addict, and looking for a well-designed Windows Phone app to make the most out of the service, look no further as Readit for Windows Phone is the perfect app for you. Recently, the app received a big update, bumping it to version 1.5, and comes with tons of new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

The latest update introduces a handful of general enhancements, along with some new settings and media upgrades. For media improvements, users now get the ability to view GIF in albums and pause it just by tapping on it, upload images when replying to comments, save an entire album via the app bar when viewing an album, view Flickr images in swipe view, and a lot more. Here’s an extract of some of the general enhancements in the latest Readit v1.5:

  • 679 Tombstoning supported fixed/added – no more blank subreddit pages.
  • We have replaced the progress ring with a new one
  • Copy link/comment text in share menu
  • Sticky posts are no longer marked as read
  • Sticky posts now show a green title with a [sticky] tag beneath
  • Posts now support showing multiple tags (NSFW + Sticky, or .gif + sticky, etc.)
  • Context Menu highlighting fixed in profile and inbox
  • Fixed some margins in reply to post and comment
  • Post dialog now enters in from the right, and exits to the right
  • Re-designed share dialog to be more inline with the current page
  • Friends subreddit will now be inserted, can’t be unsubscribed – view friends posts here
  • and much more

To view the complete changelog, check out the source link below. Head over to the Windows Phone Store to download the updated Readit app for Windows Phone. Also share your thoughts about it if you’re a regular Reddit user with a Windows Phone handset.

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