Readit updated with Vietnamese support and several bug fixes

Arif Bacchus

Ever since it arrived in the Windows 10 Store back in 2015, The Readit app for Windows 10 has been one of the many great Reddit clients for Windows devices. The app has also always seen a plethora of updates, and now another one of those updates has gone live, bringing Vietnamese support and several bug fixes to the Readit experience.

Overall, the update makes the splash screen black, adds in Vietnamese as a supported language, and updates all translations to the most recent versions. It also fixed some link parsing bugs, direct to comments for desktop UI, and the issue where links would open multiple times when only clicked on once.

So, if you’re using Readit, be sure to head over to the Windows Store now and press that update button! Even if you’re not using the app, we have done you a favor and have included a download link for your convenience below.

Price: Free