Readit updated to version 1.4, fixes battery and heat issues, landscape support and more

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Readit for Windows Phone v1.4

If you're a Reddit power user in possession of a Windows Phone handset, you must have heard about Readit for Windows Phone. It's one of the best Reddit applications for Windows Phone OS, and lets users make the most of it, featuring Live tiles, an intuitive interface, complete markdown support, and more. Recently, the application received an update, bumping it to version 1.4, and comes with loads of new features, enhancements and bug fixes. 

The latest Readit v1.4 fixes many known issues that were present in the previous version of the application, including the heating and battery issues, due to a bug that was eating up the CPU time, so this should be solved now. In addition, The application brings a whole loads of improvements, features and bug fixes to improve the overall usability of the application, such as support for landscape in subreddit view, rotation lock,  memory optimizations, ability to publish blank self-text posts, Comment images, albums and gifs now load inline resulting in an improved reading experience, and tons of other tweaks and enhancements. Here's the detailed changelog of all the changes and improvements in the latest Readit< v1.4:

  • The Battery Issue should now be solved, the bug that was eating up CPU time is now gone
  • Heat should no longer be an issue because CPU is not running 100% the whole time
  • App bar in all submit/edit dialogs - provides a submit button so you no longer have to exit the textbox before submitting
  • Gfycat integration = smoother/faster gifs - uses a ton less memory and much less power. The gifs are now converted to an h264 encoded mp4 and played as a looping video in HQ - what an awesome service. (we will soon include options to pause and reverse gifs too!)
  • Landscape now supported in subreddit view, post view & comment dialogs
  • Rotation Lock - only persisted for one session until you close the app completely - set when viewing a subreddit
  • You can now publish blank self-text posts
  • Album viewer performance/general improvements
  • Completely new markdown parsing engine
  • Comment images, albums and gifs now load inline
  • Images are now saved with the condensed post title as the name
  • Hide read posts - now respected in swipe view
  • A ton of other general enhancements/bug fixes/ui tweaks

If you're a reddit addict, head over to the Windows Phone Store and download the application. It costs $1.99, and also offers a trial period so you can experience the full functionality of the application before you purchase. If you're already using the latest version of the application, head over to the comments section below and share with us your reviews about the updated Readit application.

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