Trivia app 'QuizUp' for Windows Phone now available for private beta testers

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QuizUp for Windows Phone now available for private beta testers

Not too long ago, Developer Plain Vanilla Games asked people to sign up for the early beta access to the popular QuizUp app. Earlier this year, the developer mentioned the game will hit both Windows Phone and Windows devices, and it seems some early beta testers are now given access to download the app (as spotted by WindowsCentral).

QuizUp is a popular trivia app which has received its fair share of success on Android and iOS devices. There are over hundreds of thousands of questions from various topics. 

As reported earlier, the private beta testers are under strict Non-Disclosure agreement which prevents them from leaking anything about the game, even screenshots or reviews of the game. So we don’t expect to see how the game looks like or anything of that sort. Let’s hope the developer will not take too long to officially release the app for the public.

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