Quick! Grab yourself a Surface for just $179 from eBay – that’s 40 percent off!

Quick! Grab yourself a Surface for just 79 from eBay - that's 40 percent off!

If you’ve been thinking about trying out Surface for the first time, you may have been put off by the initial outlay that is involved. Well this obstacle has just disappeared! We’ve seen various deals on Surface devices over the months, but a current deal on eBay is hard to turn down. At the moment it is possible to pick up a 32GB first generation Surface for just $179.

What’s the catch? These are refurbished devices and there is a limited number available, but if you’re quick you could save yourself a massive 40 percent off the usual price of $299. This is a great deal, but all the better when you think about the fact that Surface cost $499 on the day of launch.

It’s not clear just how many units are available, but it is listed as “limited” and over 500 have been sold so far today. The $179 price tag buys you not just the Surface, but also a one year warranty. If you like the idea of a little extra security, $43.99 gets you a two year warranty.

Shipping is limited to the US, but this is a great deal that’s not to be missed. Let us know if you decide to take the plunge!

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