Quantum Break, Alan Wake creators Remedy Entertainment tease a new game

Following the release of science fiction shooter Quantum Break on Xbox One and Windows earlier this year, Finnish game studio Remedy Entertainment revealed back in June that it was currently working on two new games, with one of them being a new intellectual property. While the company declined to share more details at the time, the game studio tweeted earlier today a twenty seconds teaser featuring Creative Director Sam Lake in various settings (via Polygon). Quite humorously, the video has been titled "The Greatest Trailer of All Time" on YouTube.

We don’t really know what to think of the video, though we do spot some homages to previous Remedy Games such as Max Payne, Alan Wake, and Quantum Break. A good comedian, Lake even does a nice Max Payne impersonation at the end of the video (Lake was actually the face model for the character in the first Max Payne game).

It seems quite curious to include so many references to previous games in a trailer for an upcoming game, but Remedy could well be playing with us. In other game-related news, Polygon also reported that Remedy previously announced in July that it was working on the story mode of Crossfire 2, the sequel to a popular online shooter developed by Korean game studio SmileGate. However, it’s not clear if this project is one of the two new games that Remedy said it was developing earlier in June.

If you're familiar with Remedy games, we would definitely like to know what do you think of this mysterious trailer. Anyway, we can't wait to learn more about the Finnish studio's upcoming projects.

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