Pursue and take down high speed felons in Smash Cops Heat for Windows

Pursue and take down high speed felons in smash cops heat for windows

Smash Cops Heat, the hit action game enjoyed by over 10 million players, has exploded onto Windows. With this free game, you can chase after felons and take them down! "Smash Cops Heat is an intense action racing game which pits your driving skills against felons desperate to outrun you in wild chases," the app description reads. Here are the key features of the game:

  • Pursue and takedown high speed felons 
  • Escape criminal attacks in heart-stopping chases 
  • Stunning 3D graphics 
  • Large, beautiful, driveable city 
  • Physics based chaos and mayhem 

The game is very simple to use -- simply press or click behind the cop car to accelerate and move left or right to maneuver the vehicle. The controls are a bit flimsy but you get used to it after playing the game for a little while. You can unleash rapid fire takedowns with a feature called InstaRam and you can choose from a huge variety of high performance pursuit cars ranging from American muscle to exotic European hypercars.

Smash Cops Heat features items such as power-ups and paint jobs that can be bought in-game. You can manage access to these items in Settings. Grab the free app from the download link below.

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